2/18/2020 - 4/17/2020

Portfolio Building

Bradford Prairie

Project Type
Print/Social Media
Project Description
This is a set of three posters to promote the existence and prevention of climate change. These double-sided posters have a collage of elements of the poster theme on the front and information on the topic in the back. The themes being coral reefs, ice caps, and forests.  

Project Solution
The collage on the front of the posters is made from black and white images of the posters theme. The coral reef's heart is made of coral reefs and fish with the heart represents the heart of the ocean. The forests were made from trees, the lungs represents oxygen created from forests. The ice caps are a crying eye made from ice, water drops, and penguins. The crying represents the melting ice caps. The back of the coral reef poster is a world map with information on the most important coral reefs in the world.

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