4/30/2019 - 5/19/2019

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Bradford Prairie

Project Type
Project Description
Fancy Kingdom is a magazine about exotic pets such as reptiles, exotic birds, tarantulas, and other pets that may be considered exotic animals. The name of the magazine is a combination of the term "animal fancy" and "animal kingdom". This magazine is meant to feel cool, casual, and trendy and targets young adults who are both owners of or interested in exotic pets.

Project Solution
I used interesting images of animals to make the magazine feel cool. On the front cover, I used a font called Domus for smaller text. For body type, I used Futura because it is easy and comfortable to read. For the masthead, I used a font called Belda as it feels fancy and trendy. Other typefaces used for pull quotes and titles are: Adorn Condensed Sans, Eras Bold ITC, Imprint MT Shadow, and Charcuterie Serif. 

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