11/26/2019 - 12/10/2019


Bradford Prairie/Candice Lopez

Project Type
Rush is an energy drink targeted toward gamers. This project is meant to appeal to gamers who game all night or those who aspire to be in gaming tournaments. The brand tries to replicate that pro-gamer feel so that anyone who buys this drink feels like they are the best.

To make the project feel like it belongs in gaming, I created a pattern of pixel art from common game icons. I also made pixel art for the flavor of the drink. The logo is made from a pixel type called eight-bit dragon. The font Eurostile was chosen as the sans serif contrasts nicely with the logo. The name, "Rush", is a term used in gaming. The slogan, "Game on", is meant to inspire gamers to continue their passion using the energy from this drink. 
Competitive Audit

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