2/6/2019 - 3/10/2019

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Bradford Prairie

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Print/Branding/Social Media
Sweet Pea Cafe is a small family-owned business that is located in the downtown area. This cafe makes and sells various sandwiches, desserts, coffee and tea. It is primarily meant to appeal to a young female audience.

For this brand I chose an olive green color. A pattern that knocks out of the olive green and is made of leaves, vines, and pea pods was created to make the project feel more lively. The main typeface in use, garden, was selected for its fun and feminine feels. The other font Soleil, a sans serif, was chosen for its simplicity and contrasts nicely with garden. I also created the slogan “sweet treats for sweet peas” because it sounds cute and it fits with the more feminine tone of the brand.
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