9/4/2019 - 9/29/2019


Bradford Prairie/Candice Lopez

Project Type
The Warbler Hotel is meant to provide a camping experience for those who want to go camping but do not want to stay in a tent. Located on Palomar Mountain the hotel offers many activities to do out in the woods that are meant to inspire its guests to go out on an adventure. The hotel is made up of small individual cabins each having a fire pit. 

The hotel was named the warbler after a type of bird that lives in the Palomar mountain area. I created a bird icon based off of this bird which is used in the logo as well as in various pieces of the project. To get an overall feeling of nature and the outdoors I used a color pallet consisting of two browns - dark and light - as well as a dark green. The use of a pattern made from stick and leaf icons was created to give a touch of nature to the project. 

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